Monday, May 2, 2016

Event 1: Toni Dove Lecture

April 19th, 2016

This event was very interesting for me because it was closely related to robotics which interests me very much, and her works were very new and exciting for me. Dove showed us her project where a computer(technology) could read a individuals movements with a camera and you were able to control how fast,slow, what came up in the video, where to move it, and all by just moving your arms/body in specific ways in order to operate it how you wanted it to. The topic of robotics and art were very much expresses in this presentation because she also showed us a video where it reads these machines on your hands where you could be in some sort of virtual reality, where you could touch things, pick things, where it decides where you would go next and it gave me this feeling of horror fore some reason with the darkness within the video and the music playing in the background, but blew my mind with what you were able to do and discover from robotics(technology). I really enjoyed this event because it was welcoming to the viewers and it gave you the ability to be motivated by these projects to think and express yourself creatively as well. I would highly recommend it to classmates because it certainly isn't boring and isn't a waste of time, it is worth the time because of these extravagant things that you would see with your eyes that you might of thought couldn't be possible either now or  couple of years ago. Technology does amazing. miraculous things relating it to med+art, which explains how hospitals use robotics in order to save lives. This all opened my eyes for my project in which I did on a food making fridge that could read the food you have in the fridge, and based on those foods, it makes/prepares it on the bottom half so you don't have to cook it(it involves variety options and recipes that are healthy as well based on your foods in the fridge.) This event inspired me to think creatively because of the projects shown to me and what is possible with technology nowadays, why not think outside the box, right? This is all art. Robotics is some kind of art, just like everything else is that is to evoke feeling and emotions.

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