Monday, May 23, 2016

Event 2: Anne Niemetz in Media Design 

In this event there were a lot of different parts of the presentation that I found very interesting. I was astounded to find out what has been done in regards to technology being used in forms to express art. For example, I found it weird that Niemetz and Andrew Pelling used these constructions of poles and covers of sheets with light shined on them at specific positions/parts in  order to create this art of lights to pleasure visually. I fount it a good weird because it was unique and light shined on something could be visually pleasurable expressing beautiful art. Then another project that impressed me was Stretching L.A. 2003, where these groups of men got together wearing suits where they could control different words/phrases/sentences when they are said and how fast with just the different movements of the straps they had on their shoulders. It went to a point where they kept repeating words for a period of time and it almost sounded like some kind of beat, in a way, making some sort of music with it to my ears. It was an eary sound but the point that they were able to cue certain audio with the different movements of their straps, perhaps, forward,back, side to side, or any movement you could make to make the audio appear to the audience. That was very interesting because the technology used to create that must take a lot of coding, which was a topic that I discussed in my midterm. I may be wrong, but that is what comes to my mind when it comes to these kind of things. 
There was another thing that was presented that blew my mind as well, it was the the sound waves of specific amplitudes where if played at once each, they play a tone where it is smooth, but once played at the same time, with one being stronger than the other, it created a sound wave where it began to become a sound wave instead of just a smooth tone. I found that pretty crazy because putting two different tone of sounds together could create a certain sound that doesn't match it when they each play a smooth tone but together play a wave type sound. 
There was a fashion statement as well, where technology was brought to the fashion side of clothing colliding technology with the art of clothing which is such a huge deal in society. For example, the Cinderella Intoxication by Shiping Tohey 2012 where there is a dress filled with lights all around. It is revolutionary in the side of technology and art colliding because technology is used to create art with the clothing in order to make it stand out. I found it really weird with the dress, for fear of being hunted, where there were these objects that popped out making it really creepy, but very interesting as well. These new fashion statements could be the new face of revolutionary clothing in the future with technology. 
Forks in sockets was very interesting because sounds created different electric shocks on a pole with just the different types of sounds. That's pretty amazing as well, considering that sounds have the ability to control electrical shocks. 

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