Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Week 9: Space+Art

In this lecture, I learned that space is a very interesting topic when it comes to science and art coming together because it influenced a lot of revolutionary ideas and discoveries. I've seen videos about how the camera spans out from a human being and into outer space, but seeing it in the Powers of Ten video, it made it clearer to how exact or estimated it gets when it comes to measuring where everything is and how we deep to look into it. You could see it from every 10 millimeters and you could see everything from the city, state, earth, stars, space, etc. and goes all the way out to the milky way and goes right back exploring molecular cells inside the body relating to nanotechnology that we discussed last week. In the lecture video, Space part 1, there is an explanation how the telescope revolutionized how we saw outer space and the ideas and discoveries that came from it, it is truly amazing and unimaginable to be see that couldn't be seen with the naked eye. It is a tool that is able to help the human being explore the universe and influenced more advanced tools to better explore the universe.

In the other lecture videos, the topics of air crafts being sent to space with living beings inside or humans was explained and this fascinates me because to live in a world where long ago going into space seemed impossible has been made into a reality, and to live somewhere that explores beyond the human race and earth is amazing because we a curious species. Sputnik won the space race that was the world's first satellite to go to space by the USSR, and Laika(dog) was the first living being to be sent into space. All these things  are amazing to be because apart from sending air crafts into space, humans were able to create spaceships, etc. to help the human or living being survive in it while in space which blows my mind. All this influenced ideas from people to further explore space such as capsules being sent into space, the Leonardo space art project where individuals work together to further investigate space activities, the Arctic Perspective Initiative where development of knowledge in technology towards regions in Arctic regions. 




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  1. From reading your post, I came to think that Space truly becomes the opportunity for human race to think outside the box, for human to continuously research, experiment, and appreciate. Appreciation can be conducted when artists utilize different technologies, concepts, and colors inspired by Spacial activity. Also, I believe Space opens a new world of imagination and curiosity. I look to that one day science and technology can get us closer to defining so many unsolved mysteries about the space!