Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 8:Nanotechnology+Art

In this week's lecture, I learned that nanotechnology is an area that can't be seen because it is too small,considering they are related to atoms and molecules, and they are available for us to observe and study them through touch and sound. In the lecture video part 1, Professor Vesna explains how they are related to atoms and the behaviors of these nanoscale objects can be used to create new effects. I really found interesting the different type of projects that were done to show the art of nanotechnology because it is something that you wouldn't think is possible because the size of these nanoparticles. In lecture video part 2, Dr. Gimzewski explains how there is a Scanning Tunneling Microscope that were atomic resolution images of surfaces that you were able to feel atoms, represented by a ball-like surface, in order to map out position of the atoms with the touch of your fingers. I find that incredible because you are able to feel something too small for the eye to see with just the touch of your fingers.
These small nanoparticles could help out in the medicine world with nano-medicine which is a therapy treatment and this will revolutionize medicine in ways that weren't possible with other medicines. There is medicine that targets specific tumors,such as Abraxane, for breast cancer. Nanotechnology is revolutionary to some parts in medicine because of this case where it could save people with breast cancer or other diseases that nano-medicine could help with(explained in lecture video part 4). I found it very interesting with the fact that nanotechnology is used in our foods and agriculture, explained lecture video part 6, that nanoparticles could be in our clothes,food, anywhere really. It could be in our candy wrappers that are edible in order to make it edible and foods that could be personalized. I find food that is personalized with your own needs of nutrition, protein,etc is insane due to the fact that you are given the opportunity to personalize a food to your own preference. Nanotechnology combines all the works of biotech,chemistry, physics, electrical and mechanical engineering that could impact our everyday lives, explained in Gimzewski and Vesna. 'The Nanomeme Syndrome: Construction of a New Science. I believe that nanotechnology is involved in our everyday life in some way, but it is starting to evolve and become involved in more things. More projects are coming along in order for nanotechnology to help out humans if it is with medicine or whatever, I am just glad to hear that we are able to do things as impacting as nanotechnology that we aren't even able to see. but there are representations of atoms to touch or hear. There aren't any limits for this type of technology to impact the art world. 

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